Sunday, June 21, 2009


Suppppp, I'm Alexa
And I really love makeup and pretty much anything beauty related, so I made this blog. Cause I'm not really comfortable being a guru on youtube. I don't want my friends to find out or anything... :)
I know like, no one is going to even look on here, but this blog is kinda more for me sortaaaa? So I can update it just whenever I feel like it and have freeeee time.

So if anyone IS reading this, I'll tell you a little about myself
-I'm 15, going into junior year when summer ends
-I run varsity track at my school. And I love dance. I used to cheerrrrr
-I love cuteeeeee boys :))))) I love cute lifeguards.
-I wish I lived closer to the beach
-Parties are my thing
-I'm really outgoing
-Sufjan Stevens makes me really happy, listen to his songs :)
Umm, I don't reallly know, hahah



  1. Awww cute blog so far!!
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    Cute cute MAC stuff!!